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Melbourne, FL Rental Property Maintenance Questions Answered

Rental property maintenance is an important part of our Melbourne property management services. When a tenant has a maintenance issue or wants to place a work order with the company, there’s an easy process for them to follow. We have had tenants who tried to contact the company manager or the maintenance supervisor directly, but we now have a fantastic program in place through our state of the art software program that keeps our process consistent and efficient.

Online Maintenance Request System

By utilizing our system, tenants are able to submit a maintenance request online. This allows the tenant to detail what the maintenance concern is, and we don’t have to try and second-guess what the tenant is trying to say. Once the request is submitted, it goes to the maintenance supervisor, the property manager, and the director. That way, we can make sure we get timely notification of any maintenance issues occurring with an owner’s property.

Assigning a Vendor

Once the property manager receives the notice, we can look at it and determine which vendor would be best to work on the problem. We assign that vendor, and the property manager also makes a detailed instruction to the vendor outlining what the expected outcome is. Once that is complete, the property manager will send an email to the vendor, the tenant, and a copy to the property owner so the owner is aware of the problem and what is happening.

Resolution and Invoice

Once the problem is resolved, the vendor will invoice and we’ll clear it all through the same system. This is a diverse program we use so we can keep account and track what maintenance is being done on the properties. It’s all in one system! Accounting clears the bill, we have a history of what happened, and we can do an analysis for the owner if they want to talk about how this impacts the condition of their property.

If you’re wondering about how maintenance for my rental property works, or you have any questions about Melbourne property management, please contact RE/MAX ELITE’s Property Management Division today!

Posted by: Sheryl Jones on April 26, 2017
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